eLearning Content Development

eLearning Content Development

Atarw recognizes the need to develop and distribute quality eLearning content across the company. With over 1 Million hours solid experience in creating, curating and maintaining technical product support documents, Atarw has supported many Fortune 500 large and medium companies in their eLearning journey. Developing effective eLearning content is a collaborative effort. Ed user satisfaction hinges not just on high quality content, but its effective delivery across devices and user environments.

eLearning content comes in many a forms, both structured and unstructured, including text, video, gamification, interactive animations, etc. Atarw’s team of experienced Subject matter experts help create impactful eLearning contents that surpass clients expectations of reach and richness. Atarw has adopted solid ISO based process to ensure a scientific approach for creation and curation of content.

The process includes:

  • Consult, discuss & understand the scope
  • Identify gaps
  • Template design
  • Create learning content
  • Full testing of course to ensure training objective are met
  • Publish/ Upload output into desired platform

    Atarw’s has successfully generated and maintained eLearning content for various requirements including:
  • Course conversion (classroom-based to eLearning)
  • Bespoke course development
  • Skill gap analysis
  • Training management system hosting