Technical Helpdesk


As dealer network and number of customers rise over years, transaction costs of support activities related to part enquiry and technical information on services becomes very expensive, and time consuming process. From a customer engagement front this is a crucial process that can affect the overall end customer satisfaction.

Atarw has designed and implemented helpdesk services, sometime manage it on behalf of the client as a single point of contact for resolving all issues related part enquiry and technical information. With the help of technical helpdesk, our clients have been able to create a single-point of contact (SPOC) for all repair and replacement of parts for either routine and breakdown services of vehicles.

Our help desk capabilities include:

  • Implement and support the complete parts support process as a SPOC
  • Provide Root Cause Analysis
  • Offer Corrective and Preventive measures proposal and implementation
  • Liaison Product Development & Aftermarket Support Groups
  • Define, Measure & Implement multiple levels of SLA

  • Demonstrable Knowledge of Product Offering
  • Create Effective Analytics
  • Improve case handling and improve customer support
  • Improving first hit rate, response time, resolution time which ultimately     result in improving customer satisfaction.