Methods and Time Study

Methods and Time Study

Atarw has experienced repair engineers, with extensive knowledge of servicing of heavy equipment, commercial vehicles and all major aggregates and components of automotive industry. Our repair engineers have proven capabilities to deliver the requirements of OEM or manufactures /brands. Our engineers help client organizations to gain from efficiencies on both overhaul processes and technician’s productivity front by defining effective methods.

Our expert team follows a rigorous scientific approach of defining and documenting service procedure at every stage of activity. We also do time measurement at various stages of product build, considering various skill sets and multiple environments to get best and optimum time study. Our analysis has helped many a clients to create standard labour rates for types of service work.

Our repair specialists continuously monitor improvements in time and procedure to suggest improvements in repair techniques and improve further efficiency.

Time and Motion study services outputs include

  • Operator/ User/ Owner
  • Standard time calculation/ FRT study
  • Procedure study
  • Data analysis
  • Map FRT to DMS

  • Special Tools
  • Method Definition
  • Do’s and Don’ts as special instructions
  • Mandatory and optional methods association along with parts definition
  • Solution package or AM Package creation and Maintenance