Tools Management

Tools Management,

Are You Facing These Challenges?

  •    Utilization of tools.

  •    Tools purchase planning.

  •    Visibility on tools movement.

  •    Tracking tools on loan.

  •    Handling multiple requests.

  •    Handling schedules and calibrations.

Tool Management Features

Tools Utilization & Forecast

Tools purchase planning based on tools utilization/movement/ yearly budgetary approvals

Asset Tracking

Track tools which are provided based on loan, non returnable, stock transfer - etc.

Automated Information Technology

Technologies like bar code, QR code, RFID can be incorporated to hasten up the process.

Maintenance Schedule

Option to configure with/without serial number. Each serial number with different calibration / maintenance dates.

Handling Depreciation

Association of number of years, based on percentage and show current value.


Tools availability status , due for calibration, scrap approvals , stock adjustment approvals.


  •    Tools status summary, planning.

  •    Online data to take quick decisions.

  •    Analyze availability of tools for new models.

  •    History of stock transfers, issues on single click.

  •    Visibility on tools movement across multiple locations.

  •    Easy to track overall inventory of tools & equipment’s.