Support Desk System

One Stop Call

Management Solution
Are You Facing These Challenges?

  •    Monitoring multiple KPI's.

  •    No visibility, tracking is difficult.

  •    No Knowledgebase, repository, questionnaire.

  •    Tedious process to reach and register complaint.

  •    Unsatisfied customers, survey is showing very bad.

  •    Too many issues , growing ticket size, difficult to handle.

Support Desk Features

Single Point Of Contact

One module for all issues like parts, service, remanufacturing, sales, warranty, rental, finance, break down or any complaints of customer.


Quick and fast call registration within 10 seconds , with basic information of customer complaint, customer gets SMS before they hang up their phone.

Fast & Smart Search Engine

Application has smart search of all information, which will enable user to search faster and smoother, with the help of building their only search criteria.

Root Cause Analysis

Allows to build progressive questionnaire to identify root cause based on which suitable solution can be given at first attempt and also it can be used for improvement of process.


Very easy way of maintaining repository of knowledge base. Builds call resolution intelligence in the system to help resolution of issue in first call itself.

Visibility of Calls

Tracking calls is touch of a button, what is the status, how long it is pending with whom, who has taken how much of time.


  •    Ageing analysis tracking.

  •    Visibility to customer tickets.

  •    Streamlined process/workflow.

  •    Effectively manage escalations.

  •    Easy to interface with other systems.

  •    Monitor dealer response & resolution time.

  •    Low cost per ticket.

  •    Improved response time.

  •    Customer wise SLA monitoring.

  •    Improved first call resolution rate.

  •    Build knowledgebase, questionnaire.

  •    One touch solution, easy call registration.