Service Module


Power Pack++
Are You Facing These Challenges?

  •    Generating feasibility report.

  •    Component history tracking.

  •    Taking decisions on proactive services.

  •    Maintaining high uptime.

  •    Interface with legacy systems.

  •    Fleet and product scheduling, tracking scheduled services.


End to End Service Management

Comprehensive product details, component life cycle, contract information, service schedules with frequency, warranty schedules, Next service due details. Service reminder reports, back to back order.

OEM & Dealer Integration

Seamless integration between OEM and dealer. Common parts and products, no duplication of data. Auto pulling of order and invoice data.

Claim Handling

Handling all types of claims like, warranty claims, mandatory service claims, campaign, credit note, debit note, reclaim and settlements.Feature to scrap failed parts.

Mobile App

Mobile App is user friendly, easy to access from any where. Check nearest call, parts availability, status updates, approvals-etc.

Resource and Tools Allocation

Visibility on resource and tools calendar with current allocation details and status.


Handling any type of attachment as part of quotation and job card. Option to capture images and upload to job card.


  •    Input on defective parts.

  •    Visibility to retail business.

  •    Monitor dealer performance.

  •    Handle approvals/escalations.

  •    Track and identify validity of claims.

  •    Real time visibility to machine status &         history.

  •    Component history tracking.

  •    Effective resource utilization.

  •    GPS, real time intimations/alerts.

  •    Better planning through schedules.

  •    Online history of machine and status.

  •    Birds eye view of the service activities.