Sales Module

Manage, Analyze, &

Predict Trend
Are You Facing These Challenges?

  •    Alerts on credit limits.

  •    Handling FOC commitments.

  •    Lost sales and competitor analysis.

  •    Tracking receivables.

  •    Reminder on follow-ups.

  •    Handling complex tax structure.


Lost Sale, Competitor Analysis

Track lost sale reason, competitor details for each suspect/prospect and generate analytics.

Machine Allocation

Allocate/Reserve and de-allocate machine serial number to the sales order or to sales enquiry/quotation.

Bonding & High Sea Sales

Provision to handle high sea sales and bonding, de-bonding. Tracking of the stock at bonded warehouse and GIT.

FOC Handling

Allows to build progressive questionnaire to identify root cause based on which suitable solution can be given at first attempt and also it can be used for improvement of process.


Comprehensive Sales Order Planning Form (SOPF) with machine, shipping, letter of credit, finance, payment, insurance, costing, warranty, attachments.


Configure versioning for each revision of quotation/sales order either by value or by stage.


  •    Plan for campaigns.

  •    Visibility on demands.

  •    Visibility to sales business.

  •    Monitor dealer performance.

  •    Handle approvals/escalations.

  •    Competitor, lost sale analysis.

  •    Stock reservations.

  •    FOC commitment handling.

  •    Control on customer credits.

  •    Improved customer management.

  •    Multi brand, attachment handling.

  •    Reduction in manual process cost.