Remanufacturing Management System

360 View of


Are You Facing These Challenges?

  •    Lead-time tracking.

  •    Effective utilization of resource.

  •    Production & purchase planning.

  •    Visualization of business viability.

  •    Complicated inventory management.

  •    Handling core, material and production.

Remanufacturing Features

Production Planning

Finished goods planning with failed part stock details, BOM stock details. Based on confirmation, automatic job order is created.

Purchase Planning

Purchase planning based on EOQ method and based on confirmation automatic supplier specific purchase order is created.

Eligibility Account

Track receivable failed part against exchange part with lead time analysis.

Lead Time Monitoring

Define part wise, supplier wise, core wise, manufacture lead time and calculate average lead time against actuals.

Consumption Pattern

Define consumption % for each part in BOM, for operations and measure actuals and apply correction factor during planning.

With/Without Serial

Configure with/without serial number for each core and calculate cost accordingly.


  •    Effective planning and utilization.

  •    Monitor lead time across operations.

  •    Real time visibility on vendor operations.

  •    Accurate estimation and better realization.

  •    Realistic forecasting on procurement/production.

  •    Centralized control of all locations, better control on inventory.