Parts Module

Gain From Effective

Parts Management
Are You Facing These Challenges?

  •    Tracking dead stock.

  •    Managing inventory, planning.

  •    Maintaining OTC and service level.

  •    Supersession, tax structure.

  •    Interface with legacy systems.

  •    Monitoring bad debts, leakage in parts warranty.



Automatic parts purchase order proposal from system (common or supplier specific), based on EOQ method, re-order level, back to back order.


One to one, many to one, one to many and many to many supersession handled across application. Supersession alerts while ordering.

Auto Allocation

Auto allocation of stock to pending parts order based on configured priority to order class/type or based on back to back order.


Option to create and compare purchase quotation with multiple vendors, based on comparison statement option to create purchase order.

GDR Handling

Tracking goods discrepancy report with excess, short, damaged quantities with option to settle with multiple settlement types .

Parts Warranty

Part wise warranty validity definition, claim validation against invoice and validity period.


  •    Visibility to retail performance.

  •    Handle approvals/escalations.

  •    Accurate Forecasting and Planning.

  •    Monitor dealer OTC, service level, KPIs.

  •    Can scale from region, country and location         level seamlessly.

  •    Significantly boosts aftermarket revenue,         profitability and cash flow.

  •    Easy to interface with legacy system.

  •    Integrate Barcode & RFID to speed up process.

  •    Track parts movement , control on dead stock,          reorder level.

  •    Handle multiple supplier, warehouse, bin          locations.

  •    Control on bad debts, Sales/non sales history          tracking.

  •    Configurable tax structure, Alerts on          supersessions.