Float Management

Effective Transit

Inventory Management
Are You Facing These Challenges?

  •    Maintaining higher up time.

  •    Handling emergency replacements.

  •    Handling inventory of critical component.

  •    Tracking float parts/machines.

  •    Maintaining float population.

  •    Analysis on float machine usages.

Float Features

Refill Float

Receive float equipment at float warehouse with order reference, supplier and invoice details.


Transferring from one place to another along with current location. Track temporary issue and return.


Allocation of ownership of float stock and history of ownership changes.

Service History

Complete service history of float stock with value along with reminders for maintenance.


Option to sale float with valuation proposal based on age and usage.


Option to scrap with current location or bringing it to HQ with reduction of stock.


  •    Higher up time.

  •    Stream lined process.

  •    Visibility on float movement.

  •    Interface with other systems.

  •    Improved customer satisfaction.

  •    Reduce inventory cost of critical component.