Electronics Parts Catalogue

Catalogue Maintenance

Are You Facing These Challenges?

  •    Interface to ordering system.

  •    Parts and assembly searching via web.

  •    Reusability of contents, cost of catalogue creation.

  •    Supersession handling.

  •    Catalogue change management, versioning control.

  •    Linking of service manuals and technical document with       assembly.

Electronics Parts Catalogue Features

Chassis Unique & Model Based

Maintain model and chassis based catalogue in single system. Search on model and chassis number.

Dynamic Search

Option to search by part/ assembly, description, serial number specific, model , superseding/ preceding part.

Copy Feature

Option to copy assembly to assembly (with illustration), entire catalogue - model level (with illustrations).

Shopping Basket

Create & save shopping cart, add part to shopping cart from part list/ illustration, by region selection from illustration, by searching part number, show recommended part quantity of parts . Export parts order in excel/PDF or email.

Linking of External Media

Link information to assembly, model level. Possible file format PDF, video, flash files, HTML, URL’s.

Illustration & Hot Spot

Support multiple assembly versions, different options like image zoom, thumbnail, change orientation. Automatic and manual hotspot. Different hotspot shape & color ( round, rectangle).


  •    Easy to interface with ordering system.

  •    Reduced catalogue creation cost and time.

  •    Easy to search parts and assembly via web.

  •    Reusability of assemblies, easy to handle supersessions.

  •    Linking of service manuals and technical document with assembly.

  •    Effectively manage versioning control & catalogue change management.