Bay Management

Informed Workshop

Are You Facing These Challenges?

  •    Planning workshop efficiently.

  •    Tracking current stage of vehicle.

  •    Forecasting delivery time to customer.

  •    Managing workshop capacity.

  •    Allocate resources in workshop.

  •    Measure time taken for each stages.

Bay Management Features

Vehicle Status

Status summary (Arrived, allocated, on schedule, WIP, stopped-etc.) in dashboard with dealer, branch, workshop specific.

Booking Summary

Vehicle booking summary with already booked, carry over, available bay details.


Complete bay calendar visibility with break hour mapping as per company calendar, also color coding on Off schedule/on schedule activities.

Color Code

Define color code for each status for easy identification and to take further actions.

Drag & Drop

Very easy to operate, for any status updation of vehicle just drag and drop from one slot to another with time details.


Analyze workshop utilization, projection, feasibility, overall all performance drill down to branch and workshop level.


... ...

Effective utilization of bay.

Vehicle status on finger tips.

Centralized system, easy to access.

Monitor progress through single calendar.

Early intimation to customer on deviations.

Automation technology to reduce manual activity.