Aftermarket Power Pack

Product Highlights

Industry Fitment

Automotive, Construction Equipment, Heavy Equipment, Handling Equipment, Energy and Power, Healthcare Equipment, Elevators & Escalators, Farm Equipment, Machine Tools, Consumer Durables,etc.


Simple and easy to setup multi-level Company hierarchy, branches for a company and visibility of all branches with single login. Association of users to branches, language and roles.Company Configuration with OEM, dealer with parent Child relationship.


All types of alerts , notifications, escalation, reminders information, ticket information can be sent through SMS/Email, using third party service provider. There is also feature to send SOS messages and escalation on break downs.

Portability & Interface

Can be accessed through desktop, laptop, tablet or any type of smart phones. Can also work on any browser or on mobile App. Standard Web API are created to interface with other systems. Atarw team has experience to create customized interface with legacy systems.

Flexible BPM

Rule based workflow engine can map even complex organization chart. It can be configured as an individual or as team to assign, move, escalate and approve. Also allocation and monitoring of individual Queue, Team Queue and Entire Queue.


Faster implementation, very easy to plug-in any modules, Support desk acts as a single point of contact for any type of issues/modules. Atarw enables you to focus on your core business, provides both Cloud and Hosted Offerings.

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