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Mining has been perceived as one industry, but in real it is a collection of industries with different supply and demand requirements. Companies that mine iron, coal are completely different have entirely different set of procedures from the companies that mine metals and stones. Mining companies look for innovation in business offering which includes implementation of new business tools, software tools and automation tools etc. Driverless trucks and other forms of automation allow miners to set up remote operations enhancing safety and efficiency. The sensors use a wide range of factors from tire pressure to road conditions.

Innovation in mining industry requires the devotion of financial resources and mechanisms to attract the people and deploy people with the right skill at the right time also should provide all necessary learning and training modules, specialized softwares and techniques for innovation.

Real changes in mining industry happen across over a period of time, which is why it is imperative to take a long-term view towards solving societal issues to benefit the business. To ensure that all problems are addressed, in-depth consultations with all stakeholders should be facilitated with all third parties. Irrespective of the tasks being to manufacture, maintain, build or install in support of the mining industry , Atarw Mining ERP understands that there are complex set of projects to choose, reduce the operational cost wherever possible, designed to work along the organizational policies and fulfills the need of various departments of the organization every day.