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The elevator service business will continue to witness many changes in the upcoming years. Increase in market competition has paved many organizations to couple with relentless costs which have resulted in unprecedented squeeze on sales figures. Many service providers have restructured their service programs to eliminate the major problems before they arise. Therefore certain spare parts need to be replaced in the final stages of their life-cycle.

Incorporating a mobile –integrated service management driven by analytics driven Parts Lifecycle management system will provide the necessary steps required by the organization to minimize the critical faults which arise from their customers. Implementation of a Spare Parts Judgment system addresses many concerns, customer needs and organizational requirements. Spare part judgments has become one of the industry standards implemented by many organization to delight their customers

Atarw technologies advanced models are applied to real-time remote monitoring data, the integrated Field Service Management will provide holistic management of data intuitively providing the organization with a variety of actionable predictions, actions required for the next service, including failure predictions. A well-developed fully integrated Field Service Management platform fills the entire gap and fulfills the service business landscape paving way for implementation of a successful, profitable Service program.