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Industry experts project that the global market for Electric household appliances is projected to reach around 1.5 billion units by 2020. These are solely driven by technology innovations, resulting obsolesce and higher demand for replacement of older parts. Smart appliances forecast to hold the strong potential for the future growth, especially against a growing emphasis on reduced energy consumption. All running appliances come with certain costs. From regular maintenance to repairs and replacement, some common expenses are considered by all users for major household appliances.

An average household today uses about 10-15 appliances and there is constant innovation in these sector will lead to new products introduced in the market every day. Therefore the company should have a updated spare parts informationand necessary learning documents available for all technicians to complete their jobs at ease.Atarw’s e-learning portal helps service engineers’ access to all critical information, which helps them to reduce their turn around time to service the machines and improves efficiency.

In this era almost every product is either sold globally or reaches users who speak a different language. If the product is sold globally as a product, standard manual translation is required so that technicians can be trained to obtain parallel working knowledge of the product. Atarw has an expert team of translators who are proficient in translating these learning materials across all languages.