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We live in an era where there are increasing expectations and complexity. Travel and transportation companies require smart strategies to improve their organizational efficiency. Many organizations are finding great value in their aftermarket services. To accomplish new growth and rethink customer interactions, organizations should adopt innovative business models, streamline operations and scale the business to meet future demands.

Organizations that have a large fleet of vehicles of different types that would need require solutions that can track, schedule and communicate and respond in real-time. Atarw offers field service management solutions which provide visibility into field and fleet operations so businesses can streamline efficiency and increase productivity. It combines real time GPS tracking, scheduling, dispatch, RFID, field and back office processing and analytics to help you deliver high-quality, on-time service while reducing costs, improving performance and ensuring delightful customers.

Quickly and easily register a service order related to the current object. Manager delegates service orders to the appropriate technician who executes the order and supply information about the case and any used parts etc. The service order is automatically transferred to your ERP-system for billing.

Atarw’s Solutions empower industries of any size to optimize the management of their vehicles and drivers or mobile technicians with software products customized to suit your organizations’ needs.