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Software solutions are one of the integrated parts of the business especially in the automotive industry, whether you‘re an OEM or an aftermarket product manufacturer, the complexity of the process of taking spare parts or components from idea to execution arises for the need of an Aftermarket ERP to address these problems.

In the Automotive industry, the processes are bound to be slow and steady, more prone to errors and the cost

of manufacturing is very expensive. Technicians in the automotive industry bound to spend a considerable amount of time looking for part numbers, while others are waiting for the parts to arrive to perform their work. Finding parts will become a long-haul process as the technician has to look into many systems to find out the exact number for the right parts required.

Implementing an electronic parts catalogue gives direct updates to the suppliers regarding parts number and makes it as a simplified interface for product search and information updates. It effectively manages version of the parts and controls catalogue change management.

Another major problem which many of the OEM’s face for a long period of time is document mismanagement. Mismanagement of vital documents which contains critical information like product specs, CAD drawings might lead to limitation in productivity and affects the profit of the organization. Henceforth,technical documentscontaining vital information must be documented properly and should be easily accessible as and when it is required.