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With new practices in the area of agriculture introduced every day, the need for latest agricultural equipment are on the rise and equipment sales are expected to increase larger than ever. The agricultural equipment industry is a highly capital intensive sector, more prone to rapidly change prices on demand due to revenue generated by farming, commodity prices, forex rates and strength of farming balance sheet. Experts predict that agricultural equipment and part sales will increase and companies need to focus on their aftermarket sales.

While dealers around the world are concentrating on selling the wholesale goods, a large portion of the dealers’ service will focus on setting up new equipment and manage their warranty claims. Equal approach and balance should be given to new equipment sales and to the spare parts of the old equipment. Dealer must perform a complete Store Audit to determine if his store has been utilized to the maximum.

For many agricultural equipment manufacturers, the product unit sales do not support full-time assembly for each product. To maximize the utilization of operations and capacity, changeovers are required for total different set of products. Atarw’s ERP includes scheduling, data collection, and dispatch summary which are essential to optimize the revenue and after sales for any agricultural equipment manufacturer.