• Quest Awarded Aftermarket
    Atarw Technologies Wins
    Quest Awarded Aftermarket
    Aftermarket IT Support Services
    Customer Value Leadership Award
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    Think Beyond go-to-market?
    Our More than two decades of aftermarket excellence
    to give you competitive Edge
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    Smart products to enhance performance
    Cloud, Web and Client Server Environments
    Integrated with SMS, Email, Phone
    RFID, GPS and IoT Enhancements
    Available across devices: Handheld, Desktops.
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    Aftermarket Services
    Offer unique blend of Technical Publication, Parts Engineering,
    Helpdesk, CAD Services to infuse efficiency
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    Aftermarket Consultation
    Audit Analysis Transformation
    Advice on revenue leakages, process improvement, warranty cost management,
    dealer audit, parts and service bench marking, and more…

At Atarw, we are motivated and driven each day by clients who use our products and services to find innovative solutions to their aftermarket business challenges. Atarw software products are state-of-the art highly integrated aftermarket solutions that offer breakthrough results to our customers.

We are committed to long term mission of helping our customers realize their full potential and eliminate all bottlenecks that stifle their growth. Just as we continuously update and improve our products, we continuously strive and evolve to offer aftermarket services too and be in the best position to serve our customers.

Our products and services are used by global multinational corporations, large independent dealers, OEMs, and Government agencies. Atarw has a structured approach to product development that enables leading-edge products, efficient releases and reduced operating costs and risks.

Building a competitive advantage through the right IT initiatives is critical to business success. Be it a small or a large enterprise, our services assist clients in implementing a wide range of solutions from Products, Engineering Services, Software Development to IT Enabled Services. We are fully geared to ensure the best value through time & cost-efficient processes.

We at Atarw are strong team, skilled and dedicated members with a high level of creativity and problem solving attitude. Each employee is highly trained to pay attention to the minute of details and contribute to quality outcome. At Atarw we are equipped with state of art facilities in terms of Infrastructure, Tools, and Captive Power.

The heart of the product performance is the Design and the Code. It directly impacts up-time & reliability. The foundation of our Design and Code are the four attributes of Maintainability, Dependability, Efficiency, and Usability as identified by Sommerville and we always strive to achieve beyond targets.

Be it product, service or support, our delivery on quality and commitment to clients’ needs are unmatched in the industry. The rave reviews and testimonials we receive for our service, and customers who vouch for the products’ fitment to their needs stand proof for quality of work and process knowledge we put into everything we do. We provide the highest level of support to our customers.